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The Difference: Price–My prices are on average 1/3 of what typical professional West Virginia wedding photographers charge and 1/2 of what other professional West Virginia senior, children and family photographers charge.

Why? I’ve been in this business since 2006, and I know how important it is to capture and preserve precious memories. Not everyone can afford to spend big bucks on a high quality photo shoot. I know I can’t. I firmly believe everyone deserves to decorate their homes with beautiful pictures and memories, regardless of financial background. I aim to make your goals reality by providing an exceptional service and quality product that meets your budget. At Waybright Photography, it’s all about you. I aim to be a blessing.

The Difference: Quality–I take my time with every photograph my camera captures and put my heart and soul into your images. You’ll enjoy studio-lit pictures that stand out from the crowd!

Why? I’ve seen mediocre pictures taken by expensive photographers, who sought financial gain rather than customer satisfaction. If I wouldn’t put their finished portrait on my wall, I wouldn’t expect you to either. Nothing is perfect. However, I aim for excellence with every photograph I take. It is my goal to please you with price, quality and service. By God’s grace, I’ve never let one person down and I never will.

The Difference: Service–I make your photography session fun and relaxed, while taking ample time to capture personality, attitude and emotion, so that your finished pictures are great.

Why? Everyone is unique, and simply holding a camera to someone’s face and telling them to smile, only captures part of their personality. I aim to show a broad spectrum of personalities through photography. Happy, Sad, Mad, Natural, Edgy are just a few aspects I attempt to capture, given your specific photography session. This isn’t your department store photography studio. We place you first and treat you as a friend.

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WV Photography will never be the same

You’re witnessing a craft more than 10 years in the making…

My first job our of college was a reporter at a local paper in Hurricane, WV. After covering the news and capturing real-time, spontaneous events, photography became habit.

Waybright Photography was born.

Justin Waybright, owner of Watbright Photography in WV.

Justin Waybright, owner Waybright Photography. Picture by One Eyed Jack’s Photography

Next, I managed Olan Mills, all the while, offering low-cost photography sessions to friends and family. I learned the ins and outs of studio work and studied under some of the greatest photographers in West Virginia. During my stint at Olan Mills, I won more than 8 national awards and achieved the distinction of certified professional photographer through the national market. But, more than this, through the thousands of families, babies and students I photographed, I never received one complaint.

After managing Olan Mills, I photographed for a few more newspapers, all the while, still keeping up my photography business on the side. I knew, if I could offer the same great service I did at Olan Mills, at a fraction of the price, I could succeed.
Years passed and so did my old, worn-out camera. I purchased two new Full-Frame Cameras, Photoshop, a new Portable Studio Lighting System, new speedlights, lenses, a portable studio, advanced editing software and more. Your photography will include the highest resolution, sharpest, most vivid, vibrant, quality portraits imaginable.

*10 years: Owner of Waybright Photography
*5 years: Newspaper/Magazine Photography
*2 years: Studio Manager, Olan Mils Portraits
*1 year: Staff Photographer, Lifetouch Portraits
*2 years: WV Photographer, City of Hurricane
*1 year: WV Real Estate Photographer, River Valley Properties, llc. & Real Estate Central
*1 year: WV Photographer, CheckMate Inspections Services
*1 year: Free lance w/ Picture Guy Photography

Waybright Photography continues to grow through God’s blessing.

I firmly believe that when you “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:25

West Virginia photography will never be the same…

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