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Whether you just bought a camera yesterday or have been shooting for years, I’ve got a class for you. Whether you take pictures as a hobby with your cell phone or take pictures for a living with a full frame camera, I’ve got a class for you.

I offer photography classes in the Charleston, WV & Huntington, WV areas.

-Got a new camera and looking to take some great pictures?-Got a new camera and looking to take some great pictures?
-Been shooting for a while, but you’re wanting to take it up a notch?
-Got a simple camera and want to wow your family with great portraits during the holidays?
-Want to capture cool shots during your children’s sports activities?
-Would you like to take eye-catching shots of flowers or landscapes?
-Are you a pro or semi-pro, and simply want to take your work to the next level?
Then keep reading…

Details about my upcoming photography workshop are listed here, and details about my one-on-one photography lessons are listed below that.

Upcoming Workshop

wv photography workshop may 20 2017

Individual Classes:

*Comfortable Camera- This class is meant for first-time camera users. Whether you’ve got a point-and-shoot or a professional-grade DSLR, you’ll benefit from learning the ins and outs of your camera. I’ll cover the basics of the Exposure Triangle and get you comfortable using Manual Mode on the fly to create truly unique and personal images. It’s here that you’ll learn the beginning steps of how to take control of your camera.

*Light Wizard- At the end of the day, photography is all about light. Good photographers know how to manipulate natural light and use artificial light. In this class, I’ll show you the different ways we create light, manipulate light and subtract light to create great pictures. You’ll learn how to you your camera’s pop-up flash, a reflector, a speedlight, a strobe and more. Don’t have all this equipment? Don’t worry…I’ll let you use mine and guide you through all the steps I take. How awesome is that?

*Edit Like a Pro- It’s great to get an awesome image straight from camera, but sometimes we need to either fix an unavoidable mistake or enhance something in the picture. How do we do this? Where do we even begin? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. In this class, I’ll sit down with you and take the guesswork out of editing and enhancing pictures. You’ll learn simple, fast and tried-and-true techniques to get the most out of your final results. You’ll learn how to polish your images to create attention-grabbing pictures.

*Portrait 101- If you enjoy taking pictures of people, then this class is for you! You’ll learn the art of posing. You’ll learn how to position hands, arms, legs and more to create flattering portraits every time. I’ll show you the basics of how to achieve professional-looking portraits easily and quickly, using the equipment you have. You’ll learn how and where to focus. You’ll learn composition basics. You’ll learn go-to camera settings tailored toward portraiture and your unique style. We’ll even cover some post processing tricks. We’ll go over some common mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn about the available photography gear to help you hone your skills.

*Landscape 101- I love nature and it’s beauty…it’s power. During this class, I’ll show you how to capture environmental scenes easily and effectively. You’ll learn composition guidelines, go-to camera settings, post processing tricks and more. We’ll go over some common mistakes and how to avoid them. We’ll also go over the available gear to help you hone your skills.

*Macro 101- Flowers, birds, bees and more….Welcome to the world of Macro Photography. During this class, I’ll show you how to dive in and get those ultra-closeup shots your’e after. You’ll learn the basics of camera and light manipulation. You’ll see hands-on how to create those cool-looking, up-close-and-personal shots the pros create. We’ll go over some common mistakes and how to avoid them. I’ll show you some post processing tricks and also go over the gear available to you to help hone your skills.

*Event 101- Would you like to cover birthday parties, church events, anniversaries, reunions and more? If so, then this class is for you. You’ll learn the basics of how to capture those special moments easily, quickly and effectively. We’ll go over what gear to bring and how to use it. we’ll also cover how to avoid common mistakes. You’ll learn the gear available to you to help hone skills.

*Become Known-Are you a part-time or fill-time photographer needing more more business coming to your door? I average 3-5 photography requests per day and never spend a penny in advertising or marketing. Learn the secrets of how I Waybright Photography went from paying hundreds of dollars in advertising to shoot just one or two sessions per month to paying nothing in advertising and shooting constantly every month. This class will bring you more business, which means more money for you and your family. I’ll give you hands-on, simple steps to bring photography sessions your way fast…

Every winter I take a break from photographing full time and I offer one-on-one photography classes. Yes, I could offer group courses, but I’ve found that when I’m alone with just one person, I’m able to give them more valuable information at a pace they’re comfortable with. There’s no judging, there’s no anxiety or pressure. Everything is laid-back, this way. Classes are 2 hours long and can be taken individually or as a group for a discount. These are all hands-on and relaxed. Best of all, they work!

Here’s what a few folks I taught last year are saying:

“Justin is insightful and patient when giving instruction. He is very knowledgeable and speaks in common sense terms making the understanding of photography and supporting software very enjoyable on any level.”-Debbie K.
“Justin Waybright taught me SO much about photography. He is an excellent teacher. He is patient, knowledgeable, and very thorough in his lessons. I can’t wait to learn more from this amazing photographer and friend. I’m so thankful for getting to know Justin and his knowledge of photography and very pleased with him actually wanting sharing it.”-Amber H.

I’ve taken folks who just bought a new DSLR and had them shooting comfortably in manual mode in just one basic photography class. I’ve also taken experienced photographers and helped them take their images to the next level by using tried-and-true post processing techniques or lighting methods.
You’re not going to pay an arm and a leg to watch me edit an image. You’re not going to pay money to watch me photograph a gorgeous model. You’re going to pay for years of experience and knowledge tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. You’re going to pay for hands-on learning. Whatever questions you have regarding photography….They’re going to be answered. Whatever challenges are standing in your way of accomplishing your photography goals….they’re going to be removed.

WV Photography Class Prices:

1 Lesson: $75
2 Lessons $140
3 Lessons: $200
All 8 Classes: $500

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