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The Difference: Price–My prices are on average 1/3 of what typical professional West Virginia wedding photographers charge and 1/2 of what other professional West Virginia senior, children and family photographers charge.

Why? I’ve been in this business since 2006, and I know how important it is to capture and preserve precious memories. Not everyone can afford to spend big bucks on a high quality photo shoot. I know I can’t. I firmly believe everyone deserves to decorate their homes with beautiful pictures and memories, regardless of financial background. I aim to make your goals reality by providing an exceptional service and quality product that meets your budget. At Waybright Photography, it’s all about you. I aim to be a blessing.

The Difference: Quality–I take my time with every photograph my camera captures and put my heart and soul into your images. You’ll enjoy studio-lit pictures that stand out from the crowd!

Why? I’ve seen mediocre pictures taken by expensive photographers, who sought financial gain rather than customer satisfaction. If I wouldn’t put their finished portrait on my wall, I wouldn’t expect you to either. Nothing is perfect. However, I aim for excellence with every photograph I take. It is my goal to please you with price, quality and service. By God’s grace, I’ve never let one person down and I never will.

The Difference: Service–I make your photography session fun and relaxed, while taking ample time to capture personality, attitude and emotion, so that your finished pictures are great.

Why? Everyone is unique, and simply holding a camera to someone’s face and telling them to smile, only captures part of their personality. I aim to show a broad spectrum of personalities through photography. Happy, Sad, Mad, Natural, Edgy are just a few aspects I attempt to capture, given your specific photography session. This isn’t your department store photography studio. We place you first and treat you as a friend.

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Photography Package Links

WV High School Seniors: Click here for the best prices around!

  • Studio lighting brought to You
  • Chose your location(s)
  • Laid-back session
  • Original posing & style
  • Enhancements & blemish corrections included

A la Carte Senior Photography Services, Add-Ons

  • Additional Location within 20 miles: $35
  • Additional Outfit Change: $25
  • Additional Images on Your CD, Add 5 shots for: $45
  • WV Couples: Every package differs in cost, however, my affordable prices are typically 1/3 of what traditional WV wedding photographers charge. Click here for unbeatable pricing and our beautiful wedding portfolio…

    • No travel fees for venues within 30 minutes of Charleston, WV
    • No extra fees for photo retouching or editing
    • A 1-2-week average delivery of portraits
    • Enhancements & blemish removal included
    • All packages include candid shots, posed portraits, natural shots, family and friend groups, high-end & creative images & more
    • Studio Lighting brought to you
    • Sneak Peek within 24 hours of your “I do.”

    WV Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers: Enjoy high quality images, 24-hour turnaround and low prices for your listings. Check out my Real Estate Photography Page.

    • 24-Hour Turnaround
    • Images sent via email/dropbox(s)
    • Low Pricing
    • Creative Lighting & Editing
    • Friendly, professional service

    Packages For Families, Children and Couples

    The packages listed below pertain to families, children & couples. Need a session not listed? No problem. Simply click here and let me know, and I’ll hook you up!

    Waybright Photography will gladly work with you to create a custom package that meets your needs and budget. Prices below are based on the location of your choice within a 10-15 mile radius of Charleston, WV. Prices may change depending on location. amount of outfit changes etc…
    Add professional quality prints to any of the packages below &receive the lowest prices around!!!
    (details below in the Print Disclaimer)

    To add additional locations, portraits and outfit changes to create a custom package based on your needs, just let me know!

    Package 1:$225
    10-12 portraits (different poses) edited & enhanced on cd w/copyright
    1-Outdoor or indoor location of your choice
    1 Outfit Change
    Delivery within 5-7 days of photo session

    Package #2:$275
    15 portraits (different poses) on cd w/copyright
    $100 credit for professional prints through Waybright Photography
    1-Outdoor or indoor location of your choice
    1 Outfit Change
    Delivery within 10-14 days of photo session

    Package #3:$350 (A fan favorite)
    20 portraits (different poses)
    $200 credit for professional prints through Waybright Photography
    1 location
    Up to 2 Outfit Changes
    All images edited and enhanced
    CD with copyright
    Delivery within 10-14 days of photo session.

    Package #4:$500
    25 portraits (different poses)
    1-8×10, 1-5×7 & 4 wallets of every image from your cd (150 total prints)
    Choose up to 2 locations within 25 miles of each other
    Up to 3 Outfit Changes
    All images edited and enhanced
    CD with copyright
    Delivery within 10-14 days of photo session.

    Print Prices

    *Print Disclaimer

    *Professional-Quality prints make a great addition to any of the packages. Allow me to print your images to ensure you receive the highest quality, and also save money. When I professionally print your images, the colors, saturation, cropping, shadows, detail and highlites are preserved and printed on high-quality paper. If you’re spending the money on a professional portrait session, then you’ll want professional prints to accompany it.
    **Paying money for professional photography services, then taking your cd of images to Wal-Mart for prints is unadvised. It’s like taking gold and converting it to bronze. You’re throwing your money away and “dumbing down” the quality of your images.

    Prints Ala Carte (Unframed)

    Luster Prints
    Wallets: 8 @ $5 or 4 @ $3
    4×6 or 5×7: $7.50 apiece
    8×10 or 8×12: $10 apiece
    10×13: $15 apiece
    11×14: $20 apiece
    16×20: $45 apiece
    16×24: $60 apiece
    20×24: $75 apiece
    20×30: $85 apiece
    30×40: $95 apiece

    Fine Art Canvas
    8×10 Canvas: $80
    10×13 Canvas: $95
    11×14 Canvas: $100
    16×20 Canvas: $100
    16×24 Canvas: $145
    20×24 Canvas: $165
    20×30 Canvas: $210
    30×40 Canvas: $345

    HD Metal
    8×10 Metal: $65
    10×13 Metal: $85
    11×14 Metal: $135
    16×20 Metal: $185
    16×24 Metal: $215
    20×24 Metal: $285
    20×30 Metal: $345
    30×40 Metal: $500

    Barnwood Prints
    11×13 Barnwood: $150
    14×16 Barnwood: $220
    17×20 Barnwood: $285

    Specialty Products
    Key Chain: $5 apeice
    3.5×5 Magnet: $5 apiece
    5×7 Brag Book: $30 or 2 for $50

    Ala Carte Print Specials
    #1: Buy $250 worth of prints and receive a free $50 print credit!
    #2: Buy 3 brag books and receive 1 free!
    #3: Buy 3 keychains or 3 magnets and receive 1 free!

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